At Channing, our mission is to help your child discover the excitement of learning in a safe, structured environment.

With a campus conveniently located in mid-town Tulsa near 31st and Peoria, Channing teachers meet each child where they are in their development and work with them to set, and reach their next goals. Channing families stay involved with periodic progress updates so that strengths and challenges are indentified early to maximize academic success.

Opening young minds since 1962.

We offer two programs—one for three year-olds, and one for fours—that make learning exciting, challenging and most of all, fun. Our proven teaching methods have brought success to countless children for more than 50 years. Ask any Channing parent and they'll tell you, "this is not a day care, it is a real school."


Children naturally learn through play. At three, your child is ready to learn social skills and to be self-directed.

Activities for threes are planned around our weekly theme, and includes circle time with the teacher to sing, dance, learn and listen to stories. Each day, the children do a planned craft, have a snack and choose a manipulative from the shelf for free play. The manipulatives are changed every week. We also have several science and cooking activities.


At four, it's time to prepare for kindergarten. Theme-based learning activities are focused on numbers, basic logic, the alphabet, and the fundamentals of reading and writing. Art, music, science and sign language are also included to feed your child's growing curiousity.

Children who are ready for our 'Explorer' program will learn Spanish, study and emulate great artists, and receive additional studies to develop higher thinking skills.

Learning by doing

Your child will learn to accomplish goals through individual activities and also how to work cooperatively with their classmates. Our theme-based activities focus on the cognitive, intuitive and social skills your child needs to succeed—in kindergarten, throughout the rest of their education, and in life.

Kindergarten teachers tell us, "I can always spot the Channing kids. They're happy to be here and can't wait to learn more." There is no substitute for a positive attitude. At Channing, we make that our top priority.

Please don't take our word for it. Talk to a Channing parent. Ask for a referral and we'll happily put you in touch with one. There are no greater advocates for the difference the Channing preschool experience makes.


William Ellery Channing

William Ellery ChanningAn outspoken champion of education reform in the late 18th century, William Ellery Channing sought to unlock a child’s full potential by igniting a passion for learning early in life. He was an advocate for children who recognized the connection between early learning and lifelong happiness and success.

“There is no office higher than that of a teacher of youth, for there is nothing on earth so precious as the mind, soul, and character of the child.” 

 —William Ellery Channing