Learning begins with love and respect.

Our teachers are the heart of Channing. And no one has a bigger heart for helping your little ones get their best start possible. We invite you to read about the most dedicated early childhood educators in Tulsa. We’re very excited about our new addition to the Channing Staff, Debbie DuVall.

Carol Ainsworth, Owner/Director

After earning her degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Memphis, Carol taught first grade and kindergarten for six years in Memphis Public Schools. She relocated to Tulsa and taught kindergarten for two years at Lee Elementary. She has served as owner and director since 2015 and has been at Channing since 2003. Carol is married to Bill and their son attended Channing.

Carly Barnard

Carly has a BS degree in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona. She has 2 daughters whom both attended Channing Day School. Carly’s most recent experience includes working in the All Souls Kindergarten program and tutoring elementary school students in reading through Reading Partners. She teaches in the four-year-old program. Carly has served at Channing since 2013.

Lesley Bumgarner

Lesley has an undergraduate degree from UCLA in Motion Pictures/TV. She also has a degree from National Louis University (NLU) in Chicago, where she received an MA in Teaching. She has previous teaching experience both in and out of Tulsa. She teaches the Great Artist Program on Thursday afternoons. Lesley is married to Chris. They have one son and twin daughters. Lesley has been with Channing since 2011.

Danielle Carlotti-Smith

Danielle earned a BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Washington State University, an MA in French Cultural Studies at Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in French and New World Studies at the University of Virginia. She has taught French at the collegiate level and English to non-English speakers in both public and private schools in Miami, Florida, El Salvador and Japan. She introduces French to the four-year-olds through singing and games. She and her husband Bob have two daughters. One daughter is a Channing alum and the other daughter is currently attending the four-year-old program. Danielle has been at Channing since 2018.

Debbie DuVall

Debbie has a background in business. When she retired she wanted to devote her time to teaching. She brings passion and love to the three-year-old class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She is married to Dennis and has three grown daughters and four grandchildren. We are happy to have her here! Debbie has been at Channing since 2018.

Tucky Hazen

Tucky graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BS in Education. She taught at Temple Israel for ten years and B’nai Emunah for seven years. Tucky teaches the three-year-olds on Tuesdays and Thursday. She has three grown children and six grandchildren. Tucky has been with Channing since 1995.

Bryndle Jameson

Bryndle graduated from the University of Tulsa with degrees in Psychology and Early Intervention. She’s also had experience teaching Kindermusic and Court School, a program to educate childen about the courtroom process. Bryndle is married to Don and has two sons who are Channing alums. Brindle has been at Channing since 2011.

Casie Lewis

Casie was educated at Mt. Holyoke with degrees in Psychology and Economics; her psychology specialty was Early Childhood. Casie is married to Hal and has two grown sons, who are both Channing alums. She has been teaching four-year-olds at Channing since 2011.

Judie Moore

Judie obtained a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Arkansas. She has taught in Head Start programs and in fourth grade to sixth grade classes. For ten years she taught in Channing’s morning Kindergarten program. Judie now teaches the Tuesday afternoon Spanish in Song class for the four-year-olds. She and her husband Doug have four grown children and five grandchildren. Judie has been teaching at Channing since 1988.

Judy Skaistis

Judy has a degree in Business and has a lot of Early Childhood experience. She’s taught at Temple Israel and B’nai Emunah. Judy teaches Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the 3-year-old program. She is married to Michael and has two grown children and four grandchildren. She has been teaching three and four-year-olds since 1994.